Like Earth Defense Force 4.1 , TapWars offers four playable classes to choose from. Initially, you can only play as the Ranger here. But after dismissing your troops for the first time,  all four classes become available. There are no in-game Achievements or rewards for playing as different classes, so just pick the one whose stats best fit your playstyle.


The default class, he has no pluses or minuses to speak of.

  • Bonuses: None
  • Penalties: None
"Rangers are combat experts who can handle a wide range of weapons. These versatile soldiers can handle any situation and serve as the core of an infantry unit."

Wing DiverEdit

Although these flying female fighters are a lot of fun to play in Earth Defense Force 4.1, they're probably the worst class in TapWars.

  • Bonuses: Medals + 30%
  • Penalties: Damage - 50%
"An all-female speciaal forces unit equipped with jetpacks. This unit was formed as a secret weapon against giant creatures. They use high-tech armament born from extraterrestrial technology."

Air RaiderEdit

The Air Raider

  • Bonuses: 
  • Penalties: 
"The mission of the Air Raider is to coordinate air strikes and bombardments from the ground. The Air Raider annihilates the enemy by designating attack targets and ordering explosive strikes. Air Raiders can call in bombers, artillery, cruise missiles, and even vehicle drops."


Easily the best class class in the game, you should only play as Fencers after dismissing your first Ranger.

  • Bonuses: Damage + 100%
  • Penalties: Critical rate - 5%
"A heavily armed soldier fully equipped with a power frame and armor. Thanks to their power frames, this soldier is capable of equipping enormous weapons. Also, this soldier class can carry separate weapons in both arms and wield both of them at the same time."