Hero's Portraits (shortened as Portraits) are the equivalent of the Ancients in Clicker Heroes . Each Portrait provides a permanent effect (mostly related to Player Powers) that you'll retain even after dismissing your troops (restarting the game).

Purchasing and upgrading Portraits costs Fragments of Hope, a resource acquired by dismissing troops. With each new Portrait purchased, the cost of the next new Portrait rises. When purchasing a Portrait, the Portrait received is random. Thus, it's not possible to buy the most advantageous Portraits before others.

Portraits ListEdit

Portrait No.

01 Cool down for "Vehicle Support!" reduced by x seconds.
03 Duration of "Trigger Happy!" increased by x seconds.
06 Cool down for "Volley!" reduced by x seconds.
09 Duration of "Enhance!" increased by x seconds.
10 Cool down for "Let's Party" reduced by x seconds.
11 Duration of "Let's Party!" increased by x seconds.
12 Reduced cool down for the "Medic!" skill by x seconds.
16 Increase the number of earned medals by x%.
17 Lower the number of "Fragments of Hope" required to unlock a "Portrait" by x%.
19 Lower the number of stages that need to be cleared before a boss appears by x.
20 Increase the amount of time you have to fight bosses by x seconds.
21 Increase the amount of tap damage done to bosses by x%.

Portraits Tier ListEdit