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TapWars: EARTH DEFENSE FORCE4.1 is the mobile version of D3's Earth Defense Force series. Visit this wiki to learn about game mechanics and share tips!

Official game descriptionEdit

The spin-off to the popular "Earth Defense Force 4.1" is finally here!

Tap to defeat the invaders!

Lead the troops of the Earth Defense Force (EDF), and aim to repel the unknown enemy, "Ravagers"! It's easy to attack the enemy! Just tap away!

Tap the screen like your life depends on it! The pride of the EDF hangs in the balance!

Game Features

The world of Earth Defense Force 4.1 has been reproduced for smartphones!

Easy to play, simple to understand, but with incredible depth! Defeat the advancing enemies and strengthen your troops!

In order to protect this green Earth... Even today, somewhere out there the fight for the future of humanity is continuing!

Our fight will not end here. The EDF will become the shield for humanity's hope!

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Title TapWars: Earth Defense Force 4.1
Platforms: Android, iOS
Released: December 26, 2016
Genre: Tap-action game
Developer: Escudra
Official site:

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